Happy (1)


When they heard I had come

Powerful men were sent

They were told to thwart my plans because

They decided what

I’m about


I am an innocent man,

Without a plan in tow,

I am accused of things I do not know, but

They knocked at my door, so

I called on the Lord


And the Lord told me

What they were about



An angel

From heaven

Sent them on

A wild goose chase


I hid in a warm house while

My enemies were drunk


While I was far way

I was as safe as houses, but they

Were burnt


While they went wild on the street

I had by a fireplace


I didn’t have to move

God fooled them instead


When they ran madly outside in the pouring rain

They never stopped being fools

I hid inside


They were told to look in every corner and

From every window

To find out if I intended evil


Just little old me


They were told to go to the hills

To see what I’d do

But I wouldn’t have done a thing

To upset their confidence

Because they were washed up


I was never made ashamed

Because the Lord is my friend

And my enemy was put to shame


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