DVD review: Arrival

Year: 2016, DVD release date: 14 February 2017 (North America)

After the aliens have landed and linguist Louise has tried to communicate with them to discover their intentions, later in Arrival there’s a fuzzy sense of plot which keeps you wondering about what is going on to extraterrestrial linguist Louise (Amy Adams).

Flashbacks seem to be Louise having a breakdown, or stress fatigue, or she is really having meaningful, significant memories about her daughter.

Maybe she is going through something else, perhaps psychic phenomena giving her a sixth sense.

As everything in Arrival comes out in the wash, the resolution is meaningful. It may be left-field, but good all the same. Does what will happen to someone you love, who is bound by the confines of impending death, matter as much as celebrating the life itself? Especially if you know the loved one is going to die before one’s time?

No swearing, sex or violence.

There is psychic phenomenon and the presence of aliens which may put some viewers off.

As a film, I don’t recommend it for fans of action science fiction because Arrival may be too slow for them.

Nevertheless, I found the film riveting and all very interesting. Arrival is artistically first class, though it takes a little effort to follow.

There is some criticism. The drawn out, fascinating, edge of your seat communication process between human and alien—where the humans aim to find out alien intentions—is spoiled by subtitles near the end.

The subtitles explain what the aliens are saying and reveals why the aliens are on earth, but it ruins the audience interaction with the mystery and possibilities of the human to alien communication. Though subtitles might have been necessary for story clarity.

Aliens may be this or that, but Arrival is more than meets the eye and is the whole package or as some say the real deal.

5 out of 5 stars



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