Had to start New Year’s cleaning with what I love almost the best (except for the many other things I love above MUSIC)


Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits with only a few worth keeping

Tina Turner’s “All the Best”, but the 1980’s were fleeting when Tina’s tunes were fine;

Perhaps rename the album to Tina’s hits from the 80’s instead.


John Farnham had a few essentials (from the 1980’s though)

Better give the rest to the Op-Shop and let their small collection grow


Chris Rea had a few—duds though the sentiment remains

Of the few good songs on his albums “On the Beach” and “Espresso Logic” that mean more than most can say


Better keep Rea for his best and give away the rest


Dancing on the Ceiling had a couple of good songs

But the rest I’ve forgotten all the same


The Miami Vice theme song is a good sound

It is an 80’s television hit


A few movie slash television themes were best remembered;

Most were not cherished for their simple collaboration


Thriller and History were overrated by me, but

It wasn’t official I must say


Bad is the Michael Jackson one for me

Which I have kept securely in the closet

For safe keeping


Dangerous was too rad of course

The album I’ve divorced


Radical visionary David Bowie’s best songs

Are put on two disks but I don’t sing along,

Except for Ashes for Ashes—

Which I like too much for comfort


Prince’s music is way too rad

But a few songs make the grade


I might have thought that all good things come to an end,

But the ones I’m sending to the Op-Shop

Aren’t as good as they pretend


They did their job and are out of my system—

Songs I felt something for—


Just for a moment the songs seemed fine, but I ignored my senses

That told me otherwise

The true favorites stay in the sunshine, as it was


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