At sonny’s funeral

The famous and anonymous gather;

What awaits them, as everyone, is

Life they silently surrender

Sonny is remembered by loved ones today

The onlookers and funeral crashers ask:

Who are you?

A mist?

Passing through?

But formalities praise the deceased and

Into the Neverland the funeral celebrates the life of one who has left

No secrets are laid bare, but empathy for one who has done his share

What will be forgotten stories and alliances, for no one more to hear

Then the dead and the living leave their seated place, in anonymity,


The pews are fond of the departed,

Once remembered in light of their choices.

The dead were at the funeral,

Who they were; no one cares, no one knows

But with the hope that comes from faith

At the funeral they all believe in life after death


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