Reality&Fantasy (1)

Reality and fantasy have a way of colliding in life, when fantasy influences our decision-making. Life becomes like playing a game that children would play, but it’s the adults playing instead. We become lost in a game of life. This game circles around one situation that we focus on.

Adonijah, King David’s son, boasted he would become king and set about getting there, but he was in the throes of living a fantasy. Would he really become king? Supporters of Adonijah come on board to stoke his ego and they helped him live out his fantasy to be king.

But if it weren’t for a prophet, his fantasy may have become reality. In Adonijah’s quest for the kingly throne, the prophet brought his fantasy into perspective. There was another heir to the throne. He was Solomon.  King David had promised Solomon’s mother that Solomon would become the next king.

When reality came crashing down, Adonijah feared what would happen to him. He wasn’t supposed to lust after the kingly title, but fantasy gripped his mind and his behavior.

When we are tempted to seek power and success, remember God’s reality instead, to bring us down to earth.

God’s reality is that he has promised us a good life that is not based on living a life of fantasy, but based on God’s life and God is good.

[Based on 1 Kings 1:5-53]


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