Moon (1)

In a moment with the night sky,

Stare into space;

I don’t know my place, in

This grand display, of

The solar system,


I have no telescope or space ship;

But with my naked eye,

I can see the moon and the stars,

In parade;


I cannot see the planets,

But I know they are there;

I see with an eye in my mind—believing

All the pictures in the school books I left behind,


The stars are patterned in an array, but I am lost, down here.

You are up there, so together, like a royal procession,

Behaving as you should,

Fitting in as you would,

Why can’t I be like you?



Why is there a moon?

Why do you light up the night sky?


Why are you so still like a baby in a crib?

You don’t stir or do violence.

You are reborn every night,

Then put down to rest by your mother.


You are not human, but are calm

And we should emulate your state of bliss

As still as a glassy sea with no winds and rain to disturb;

Your tranquility stirs.


You hardly speak, but you reveal yourself

You never tell us anything,

Not even a secret wish.

But your voice is in how you shine


You don’t need our wishes to make you satisfied.

You don’t need our stirrings at your magnificence

You send the praise away


I look at you with love;

Would you think less of me for staring at your majesty?


The stars gather their songs by you,

You are so kind to those down below.


As long as I am in a moment with you,

I will never know your name, but

You slip into my mind and ethereal sounds quietly come on.


You came to light my night

Mine and everyone’s


In a moment with you,

I think,


You came to give us light—

In the dark, dark night


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