Glory (1)

The world begins with insurmountable brilliance and glory. The Supreme Being reaches out and creates life. The powerful God shows his glory by creating the world.

God’s life is powerful. God said, “I command light to shine.” (Genesis 1:3). And it does. God impacts “no form of life” to form life. (Genesis 1:2).

When God shows his glory, in the moments in biblical history he does, they are wonderful and not surpassed. God’s glory shines on Earth in those moments. They make us pay attention. They make us look on in awe.

It is no secret that God wants his glory known throughout the Earth.

“He wants everyone on earth to know how powerful he is.” (Joshua 4:24)

God’s glory is reflected everywhere we look. It is in people, the sun and moon, the planets and the universe, the sea and the sky, land and plants, the seasons and time, animals and sea creatures, day and night.

But the biggest applause goes to God for creating them all. When God shows his glory he puts on a huge spectacle. We enjoy everything he has made. God loves us and makes us enjoy what he has created. Our brains and bodies respond to creation, to his glory, throughout the world.

God has shared with us his glory.


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