Work (1)

We may feel our work is empty. Is this all there is to work?

After all we have done, why do we get that sinking feeling? Why do we feel empty at times?

But remember this: When we invest in work, we want a return. God’s ‘return’ was rest, but it was also feeling complete with having finished his work.

In terms of work, it’s not about finishing the working week. Satisfaction is found in completing whatever we set out to do, however long that take.

Finishing means start-finish, start-finish, and so on like that. Completion is you’re done for good. There is no need to start again, because it’s completely done.

For example, a film reviewer sees a certain amount of movies per week. That’s a simple goal which he finishes by the end of the week.

But what is his purpose? Is it to make money? Fame? To get ahead? To be an influence? Then, he would have to show how he would do that. Then, when that’s done, he’s complete.

Either it works or does not. However, you can always refine it, to something more achievable or realistic.

Taking this attitude can transform our thinking about work as a merely unsatisfying 9-5 Mon-Friday job.


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