Oscar (3)

In the typical Hollywood environment of movie deals and money making comes an event that pats the best filmmakers and artists on the back.

The Oscars celebrate the best of film according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

And the Oscars is about partying, as well as giving out awards.

The 70thAcademy Awards or Oscars was held at Los Angeles on March 24.

The Oscars effectively advertise winning films to one billion viewers.

Because of winning at the Oscars, the winning movies may accrue more return at the box office.

Not that Titanic needed a boost in its box office take. Titanic, the biggest blockbuster of all time, made more records by equaling Ben Hur’s haul of eleven Oscars. Included in that haul were nine technical awards.

Jack Nicholson won his third Oscar for best actor as a writer suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder in As Good As It Gets.

Jack’s co-star in that film, Helen Hunt, won best actress.

Popular favorite Robin Williams won best supporting actor for Good Will Hunting, his first Oscar after several nominations.

[First published in GiveWay, 1998]


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