[Box office stats dated 1996-97 U.S.A. The top five of all time in USA domestic have since changed)

Have you ever wondered what the five biggest films of history (in U.S.A.)? Well, here they are: Star Wars ($460 million, U.S.) George Lucas directed this phenomenal success which was released in 1977. E.T. ($407 million) Jurassic Park ($327 million) These last two films were directed by maestro Steven Spielberg, who is a friend of Lucas. Forrest Gump ($327 million) The Lion King ($313 million) Interestingly enough, all are fantasy films in their own ways. From aliens, spaceships and dinosaurs to animated lions and an unusual man most admired. Does this tell us something? Perhaps audiences are seeking something greater than nominal existence, to be enveloped in another world where one can reflect upon a screen undisturbed by pain. The films listed here have admirable moral slants and or fantasy themes, maybe indicating an urge in the human psyche to go beyond what is known and live in a world where suffering and sin is not remembered. To live with victory and meaning. Maybe something in us appeals to the extraordinary.

[First published in GiveWay, 1997]



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